Environmental Startup Competition

Environmental Startup Competition

Finalists of the Environmental Startup Competition


Elena Kartсeva-Abanina, General Director Win-Bin project winbin.ru


Elena Gorohova, Co-Founder, Head PosadiLes project posadiles.ru


Ekaterina Evseeva, Project Manager Disinfectant ‘BioEM-Active’

Partner of the competition – KFC

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Human activity has an enormous impact on the environment. The environmental agenda becomes more relevant year to year, greentech and ecological consciousness become part of our daily life.

Environmental startups created at the interface of business and technology aim to create positive changes on a global scale. Environmental projects seek solutions to global problems, from recycling of plastic waste to renewable energy. The Environmental Startup Competition is a way to present is a way to present yourself and your project at the international level.

The finalists of the competition will be invited to perform at the pitching session on 13 October 2021 at the Environment Platform of the third Eurasian Women’s Forum.

Competition is for female participants in the startups leading positions, including founders or co-founders. We invite to participate in the competition startups offering solutions in: reducing impact of human activities on climate and environment, adaptation to climate change, decarbonization technologies, waste reduction and industrial waste management, oil waste, water management, circular economy, sustainable cities, renewable energies, etc.

Applications are accepted until September 28, 2021.

Acceptance of applications is over.