Getting to the hotels from your point of arrival

Getting to the hotels from your point of arrival

St. Petersburg’s transport infrastructure is highly developed. The city has a public transport network and a large number of private vehicles and taxis.


The metro is the most popular and fastest mode of public transport.

A single journey costs RUB 60, regardless of the journey length or number of transfers between lines.

In order to pay for your journey at the metro ticket offices you must purchase a token for a single trip or a reusable travel document, which varies in price depending on the period of validity and number of journeys.

A map of the St. Petersburg Metro can be found here.

Overground public transport

Overground transport includes buses, trolleybuses and trams. A single journey costs RUB 60 regardless of the journey length. You can pay the conductor or driver for your ride on board.

Ordering taxis

All major taxi companies operate in St. Petersburg. You can also order a taxi by calling a transport operator or using a taxi booking form on the operator’s website. For safety reasons we recommend using a major taxi company.

Getting to the hotels from Pulkovo Airport

Pulkovo Airport is located 17 kilometres from the historic centre of St. Petersburg and the majority of hotels. The closest metro station to Pulkovo Airport is Moskovskaya. You can take the number 39 bus from the airport to the metro.

You can use the taxi stands to order a taxi from Pulkovo Airport and St. Petersburg’s rail terminals. The Taxi Pulkovo stands are located in the baggage claim area and the arrivals hall of the airport, and there are a number of taxi kiosks outside.

Taxi Pulkovo rates can be found on the Pulkovo Airport website.

The journey time from Pulkovo to the hotels in the city centre is between 30 and 60 minutes depending on traffic, which can also affect routes.

Getting to the hotels from St. Petersburg rail terminals

All rail terminals are located in close proximity to metro stations. There is no need to arrange an additional transfer.

Taxi journey times and routes vary depending on traffic.

Rail terminal Metro station
Moskovsky Rail Terminal Ploshchad Vosstaniya
Finlyandsky Rail Terminal Ploshchad Lenina
Vitebsky Rail Terminal Pushkinskaya/Zvenigorodskaya
Baltiysky Rail Terminal Baltiyskaya
Ladozhsky Rail Terminal Ladozhskaya