Chauffeur service

Chauffeur service

Official chauffeur service of the Forum

Wheely has replaced the need for employing your own private driving staff by marrying the consistency of excellent customer service with on-demand accessibility.

Wheely sets the global standard in chauffeuring by professionally training and accrediting the world’s best chauffeurs, using only impeccable luxury vehicles, and providing a discreet private service that passengers can trust.

To ensure maximum comfort for participants during the Third Eurasian Women’s Forum, Wheely offers professional chauffeuring service for airport transfers as well as all other journeys.

Bookings must be made directly through the Wheely app (available in both the App Store and Google Play). Signup takes 90 seconds, and all information is kept to the highest standards of privacy. Advance bookings, airport transfers, and multiple stops are all fully supported.

Wheely was founded by Russian entrepreneur Anton Chirkunov in 2010 and is available in St. Petersburg, Moscow, London, and Paris.