Entry to Russia for foreign participants

Entry to Russia for foreign participants

Following a decision by the Government of the Russian Federation dated 1 August 2020, international flights between Russia and a number of other countries has been restored. Both foreign and Russian air carriers are now offering regular and chartered flights to Russia.

Documents for crossing the border

PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid any issues when crossing into the Russian Federation, please ensure that:

You are not required to observe a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival in the Russian Federation.

If you failed to provide a copy of your invitation letter or fail to provide information about your arrival and departure through the personal web office or if that data is incorrect, you may not be allowed to board your plane or cross the border into the Russian Federation.

Information about your arrival in the Russian Federation in your personal web office

All Forum participants that will be crossing a border into Russia, must indicate, at least 72 hours before boarding your plane, the following information in the ‘Personal information’ section of their personal web office in order to enter Russia:

In the ‘COVID-19’ section is necessary to indicate:

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Roscongress Foundation specialist, whose contact information can be found in the informational letter included with your Forum invitation and in your personal web office. You can also obtain that contact information by reaching out to the information centre at: +7 (812) 406 7470.

We thank you for your patience and compliance with these measures. The organizers are asking participants to report information about their expected arrival and departure dates exclusively to comply with the security measures placed in order to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and facilitate your entrance into the Russian Federation.

When planning your arrival at the Forum, we strongly recommend booking direct flights.

Most countries have now taken measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, including requirements for information about coronavirus status and vaccination certificates, registration with government databases and mandatory self-isolation.

Foreign governments reserve the right, if necessary, to introduce additional requirements, including further testing for coronavirus and self-isolation until results are received.

To avoid situations where you are denied boarding or prevented from crossing national borders, please minimize the number of connections on your route.

For participants needing a visa

Participants will be able to use their invitation to the third Eurasian Women’s Forum to receive a same-day, short-term, single-use entry visa into the Russian Federation for the period from 6 to 22 October 2021 at one of the Russian Federation's consular offices.

In order to apply for an entry visa into the Russian Federation, the invited individual must visit their local Consular Office of the Russian Federation (the locations of your nearest Russian consular office can be found on the website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation).

We recommend that participants visit their local Russian consulate office well in advance –no later than two (2) weeks before their departure.

It is not recommended that participants acquire entry visas through third-party visa centres or travel agencies, as they are not authorized to issue official visas.

You will need the following documents when visiting a consular office:

  • Valid travel documents accepted by the Russian Federation (common, official, diplomatic, UN passport). The passport must have two (2) blank pages and be valid for at least half a year after the end date of the requested visa.

  • A completed and printed copy of the visa application. The application must be completed in advance on the official website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation visa.kdmid.ru. When completing the application for official delegation members, representatives of business circles, and persons accompanying those representatives, please list ‘diplomatic visits’ or ‘official visits’ or ‘business visits’ as the ‘purpose of visit’. Journalists should list ‘press/correspondent’ or ‘press/technical’ as their ‘purpose of visit.’

  • One 35x45 mm photograph (in color or black and white) where the subject’s face is clearly visible and facing forward; the subject is not wearing glasses with tinted lenses nor a hat nor head covering (with the exception of countries where a hat or head covering is a mandatory part of national or religious attire as long as the individual is also wearing such a hat or head covering in their passport photo). The photograph must be recent – taken within half a year before the date that the application is filed.

  • A printed copy of your invitation to the Forum in Russian or in English (or a visa support letter).

  • Proof of medical insurance coverage valid within the Russian Federation.