Collecting badges and participant bags

Collecting badges and participant bags

Accreditation badge

An activated accreditation badge is required to enter the third Eurasian Women’s Forum venue.

Accreditation badges are issued to specific individuals. Transfer to third parties is strictly prohibited. Participants must have their badge and identification document (passport) on their person at all times when at the Forum venue.

If a badge has been lost or damaged, please visit the Accreditation Centre.

A badge is ready to be collected, if:

When you go to collect your badge, the accreditation operator will compare the data in your personal web office against the identification document provided. If the data do not match, you will not be able to collect the associated badge the same day. Please review your personal data in your personal web office before collecting your badge.

How to find out if your badge is ready

PCR testing and badge activation

All EAWF 2021 participants, participants of events at the Forum venue, media representatives, and personnel working at EAWF events must undergo PCR testing for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 to have their badge activated.

In order to access the Forum venues after 08:00 on 13 October PCR testing must be done at the EAWF 2021 testing centre no earlier than 08:00 10 October and no later than 24 hours before your arrival at the Forum venue.

The result will be automatically sent to the Accreditation Centre. You will not need to present a copy of your PCR test results. You may collect your accreditation badge first and then take the test, or vice versa. After receiving a negative PCR test result, your badge will remain active until the end of the Forum.

Plenary session on 14 October

Attendees of the plenary session held on 14 October must undergo an additional PCR test on 13 October starting from 08:00 until 18:00 at a Forum testing centre exclusively.

Detailed information about PCR testing for the Forum and the hours of operation of the EAWF 2021 testing centres will be published in the COVID-19 / PCR testing section of the official website.

Badge and participant bag collection

Participant badges and bags can be collected in person or by proxy (with a power of attorney) at the Accreditation Centre (Tavricheskiy Palace, 47, Shpalernaya Ulitsa). The participant bag will be provided when the participant badge is issued.

Accreditation Centre hours

Location Dates Hours of operation
Pavilion in front of Tavricheskiy Palace, 47, Shpalernaya Ulitsa
11–12 October 10:00–21:00
13–14 October 07:30–20:00
15 October 07:30–16:00

Collecting your badge and participant bag in person

Badges and participant bags can be collected in person, upon presentation of:

Collecting a badge and participant bag by proxy

Badges and participant bags can be collected by proxy, upon presentation of:

* Power of attorney forms:

Power of attorney to collect a badge and participant bag (blank form)
Power of attorney to collect a badge and participant bag (sample completed form)

The power of attorney is not valid unless accompanied by a list of participants, copies of their passports, and the signed consent to the processing of personal data form of each accredited participant. The copies of participants’ passports will be returned after the badges have been issued.

Electronic ticket

To simplify and expedite collection of accreditation badge a participant may present an electronic ticket at an accreditation stand.

You will be able to print out an electronic ticket via the personal web office closer to the Forum.

The electronic ticket contains:

The electronic ticket is not a prerequisite for obtaining accreditation; it does not serve as a replacement for ID and does not grant access to the Forum venue or cultural programme events.

Access to the forum venue for children ages 5 to 15

Individuals ages 5 to 15 can enter the venue by presenting an accreditation badge and only when accompanied by an accredited adult.

Prohibited items

In the interest of avoiding any inconveniences when entering the Forum venue, we recommend that participants leave any objects prohibited from the Forum venue in their places of residence or personal vehicles.

List of objects prohibited from the Forum venue.

For more information, please contact the Forum information centre at:

Tel.: +7 (812) 406 7470