Participation terms and conditions


Participation application

A Forum Organizing Committee invitation is required to take part in the Eurasian Women's Forum. The event is free to attend.

Participants invited by the Forum operator (the Roscongress Foundation) will receive an email with the login and password to their personal web office.

The personal web office is a participant’s individual section of the official Forum website, where they are able to confirm or cancel participation in the Forum, edit their personal information, upload a photograph for their badge, and book services provided by the Forum operator.

The personal web office includes section ‘COVID-19’ where Forum participants are required to provide information about their COVID-19 immunity (presence or lack of antibodies, vaccination). More information is available in the COVID-19/PCR test section.

International participants are also asked to provide information about their arrival and departure from Russia to allow them to board their plane and/or enter the Russian Federation.

More information is available in the Entry to Russia for foreign participants section.

Confirming Forum participation

If possible, please confirm your participation no later than 10 days before the start of the Forum. If you are not planning to participate in the Forum, please inform the organizers through your personal web office or contact the Forum information centre at:

Tel.: +7 (812) 406 7470


Arrival and hotel accommodation in St. Petersburg

Forum participants can go to the personal web office for a list of recommended hotels and booking terms, as well as a link to download the application form.

Please note that Forum participants will be responsible for paying for their hotel accommodation and round-trip travel to St. Petersburg.

In order to ensure Forum participants' comfortable arrival and departure, we ask that you provide information about your arrival, departure, and stay in St. Petersburg in your personal web office.

COVID-19 safety measures

The Forum will be conducted in accordance with all the necessary safety measures and recommendations to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, as outlined by the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

Everyone at the Forum venue will be required to wear masks and gloves. It is recommended that you change your personal protective equipment (PPE) at least every two hours and use hand sanitizer, available throughout the Forum venue.

You will be required to maintain a social distance of 1.5 m from other attendees at the Forum venue.

We ask participants to abide by these prophylactic measures. The health and safety of Forum participants and everyone involved in the preparation and conduct of the Forum is of the utmost importance to us.